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No hot water, here's what to check

As the weather becomes cooler, the last thing you want is to wake up to a chilly shower or come home to no hot water. For your daily tasks, such as bathing and washing dishes and clothes, you must have a dependable and effective hot water supply. This advice on what to look for when you don't have hot water was put together by East Midlands Boiler Service LTD because we know how stressful it can be to deal with a lack of hot water.

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Guides on what to check when you have no hot water


Examine the Power Source

When there is no hot water, the power supply should be checked first. Make sure the circuit breaker is turned on and that no fuses or breakers have tripped if you have an electric water heater. Inspect the pilot light on your gas water heater to make sure it is lighted.

Examine the Thermostat

The thermostat should be checked next if the power source is not the problem. Make sure the temperature is set correctly (around 120 degrees celcius). If the temperature is too high, you run the risk of scorching; if it is too low, you might not have hot water.

Examine the water heater tank.

Check the water heater tank itself to see if the thermostat is set properly. Keep an eye out for any rust or leaks that can point to a bad tank. Moreover, make sure the pressure release valve isn't leaking or broken by inspecting it.

Examine the dip tube

A plastic line called the dip tube extends from the cold water inlet to the tank's bottom. If the dip tube is damaged or broken, lukewarm or chilly water may result from the mixing of cold and hot water.

Look into the Gas Supply

Check the gas supply if you have a gas water heater. Make that the gas valve is turned on and that the gas line is not leaking. Turn off the gas valve right away if you think there might be a leak, and then call a Derby gas engineer to check your water heater.

Look into the Water Supply

Lastly, you ought to examine the water supply. Verify that the water supply valve is open and that the water line is free of obstructions and constraints. The supply of hot water may be impacted if there is a problem with the water supply.

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If your hot water isn't working, you can check a number of items, including the water and power supplies. Do not hesitate to call our skilled gas engineers in Derby, Mansfield and Nottingham if you are unable to locate the problem or require professional assistance. Get in touch by calling us on 07727663791 and 01773691000.