Landlord Gas Safety Checks

Landlord Gas Safety Checks

Gas Safety checks offered to landlords throughout Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas in the East Midlands including Derby, Nottingham & Mansfield

East Midlands Boiler Servicing LTD provide Gas Safety checks for local landlords to ensure that all gas appliances owned by landlords on the property are safe and at low risk of gas leaks. Gas Safety certificates not only keep your tenants and property safe, it is also required by law to hold a valid certificate. If you would like to book a landlord gas safety check call East Midlands Boiler Servicing LTD call 0772766379101773691000 or book a gas safety check by selecting the button below. 

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East Midlands Boiler Servicing is a Gas Safe registered company meaning that we are fully qualified and trained to take on work on all gas appliances and carry out landlord gas safety checks. As Gas Safe registered heating engineers we are also continually assessed to ensure we are upholding all gas safety standards and regulations. 

With being fully experienced when it comes to gas safety checks and having worked with many local landlords, which is why we offer competitive rates for landlord gas safety checks throughout Derby, Nottingham & Mansfield.

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Why landlord gas safety checks are important 

All gas appliances have the potential to be dangerous if not maintained and checked regularly by qualified gas experts. Faulty gas appliances have the potential to cause gas leaks which could lead to gas fires and explosions - causing a serious danger to people residing in or around your property. Gas fires are preventable by making sure that your property is kept safe with regular checks. 

A gas safety check is carried out on all gas appliances in the property that are owned by the landlord. Landlords have a duty of care to their tenants to provide a safe environment for living as well as making sure that gas appliances are safe. 

Landlord Gas Safety checks last for 1 year and will also need to be obtained whenever there is a change of tenant to make sure that appliances are kept safe and functioning for new tenants.

Landlord Gas Safety Checks

Why Choose Gas Safe Registered Engineers?

Gas Safe registered engineers possess the necessary qualifications and training to work safely and legally on gas appliances. They undergo rigorous assessments and regular updates to ensure compliance with the latest safety standards. By hiring Gas Safe registered engineers, consumers can rest assured that their gas appliances are in capable hands, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring peace of mind.

How To Hire Gas Safe Engineers

Verifying the credentials of gas engineers is a straightforward process. Consumers can easily check the Gas Safe Register online or ask for the engineer's Gas Safe ID card. Gas Safe registered engineers offer a range of services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of gas appliances. Despite their expertise, their services are often cost-effective compared to the potential risks associated with amateur or unregistered work.

FAQs about Landlord Gas Safety Checks

What is a Gas Safety Certificate, and why is it important?

A Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a CP12 certificate, verifies that gas appliances within a rental property have undergone thorough safety checks by a qualified engineer. It is a legal requirement for landlords and provides assurance to tenants regarding the safety of gas appliances.

How often should landlord gas safety checks be conducted?

Landlords are legally required to conduct annual gas safety checks to ensure the continued safety and compliance of gas appliances within their rental properties. Regular inspections mitigate the risk of gas leaks and appliance malfunctions, safeguarding both tenants and properties.

Can landlords perform gas safety checks themselves?

Landlords should not attempt to perform gas safety checks themselves unless they are Gas Safe registered engineers. Engaging qualified professionals ensures thorough inspections and compliance with legal regulations, prioritizing tenant safety.

What should tenants do if they suspect a gas leak or appliance malfunction?

Tenants should immediately evacuate the premises if they suspect a gas leak or appliance malfunction and contact their landlord or gas emergency services. It is crucial to prioritize safety and avoid using any electrical switches or open flames, as these can ignite gas leaks.

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Are you a local landlord and looking to book a gas safety check in Derby, Nottingham & Mansfield or any surrounding area? 

If you are a landlord or simply a homeowner who wants some peace of mind by getting your gas appliances properly inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer, then get in touch with East Midlands Boiler Servicing LTD by calling 07727663791, 01773691000 or enquire online by filling out our contact form

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